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NanoCube 28 LED,Biocube 29 (CF), and Aquapod 12 (LED) for Sale

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I just consolidated my 3 nano reefs into a single 75 gallon tank and need to sell my old tanks/stands. I only have the NanoCube 28 left for sale, but it is by far the best setup of the three I had originally posted.

Cash only please

Grand Rapids Area Pickup only, located just southeast of the airport.

Here's whats for Sale (all have been emptied and cleaned with DI water):

SOLD NanoCube 28 (LED)- 2 years old with matching JBJ stand. ($200 OBO)- Great shape

SOLD Coralife BioCube 29 gal (compact fluorescent with LED Accents)-[/B] with matching Coralife stand 3 years old Unmodified ($140 OBO)- Great Shape: SOLD

SOLD Aquapod 12 Gallon Tank with LED [/B](mixed Steves LEDs) high intensity lighting. I have been using this shallow high intensity lighted tank for expedited coral growth and it works like charm. I also have the original compact fl. stock (original) hood as well and some used/spare CF bulbs and various LED lighting spare parts. $85 for all of it. Nice little tank....would be awesome for setting up a small inexpensive mini-reef in the kitchen or office. I have used it for various purposes over the years, but it's time to say goodbye.

Would like to see these reef ready/frag ready setups go to good homes.

Images can be see here (nanocube28 is first, biocube29 is 2nd, aquapod LED is last ):

IM me with serious interest, no scams!

IM me for pics and I'll txt them over.
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29 Gallon cube

I'd like to get that 29 gallon cube from you. Are you available tonight? I can swing by and pick it up.
BUMP for price reduction(NanoCube and Aquapod)

Price reduced on NanoCube and Aquapod!! Would like to move these week.
BUMP for price change

The Aquapod just went to a good home.

Still looking for someone to take the NanoCube 28 LED home.

If someone can come out and get it by tomorrow night, I'll let it go for $175!!!

C'mon folks, this has and will again be a great place for a couple of Nemos! LEDs so bright you have to put on sunglasses!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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