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Need acrylic and live around Detroit?

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I bought some acrylic online and needed some Weld-on to bond it. I stopped by a local store in Madison Heights. The person running the shop, Ron, showed me around. Nice facility. They are able be make anything you can think of with acrylic. I am not sure how the prices are but I know the Weld-on was cheaper than any place I could find on the net. If you need an acrylic tank I would give them a try. It probably is cheaper than any fish store around Detroit. They will take you for everything you have. Here is the info for the shop:

Acrylic Specialties
Address: 32336 Edward Ave, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone: (248) 588-4390
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Just curious,,, Do you know if they sell scrap material?? or if they have a website?
They place was not very big so I don't think it has a website. Do you mean acrylic scrap? If so, I know they had scrap around. They may just give it to you or sell it cheap. The guys working there were very nice.
Yeah I was referring to acrylic scrap.. I'll have to stop in there and see if they'd sell me some scrap material.

If you don't mind,, how much did they charge you for the weldon??
$4 for a the regular size bottle.
30x30x24 tank with 3" bracing (Think Eurobracing) is $550.
Sylock said:
30x30x24 tank with 3" bracing (Think Eurobracing) is $550.
HUH??? Is this a qoute from them? Or what??
well my bad guys. how do those prices compare to fish stores?
kebs, no ones bad there. I really appreciated the possible alternative. That price is a little high for LFS too (Ocean and Seas would be about $450 before the overflow ... but $600 after). He was willing to bend the acrlyic for basically nothing (bent corners instead of fused I believe is the alternative).
Yep no one's bad.. I'm still going to check them out for scraps. If your going to be doing DIY projects for the tank. All you pretty much need is scraps.

So thanks for the heads up... I'll probably stop in next week to ask.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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