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I am really low on room and need to give my higher end corals more room to grow. I’m open to deals, discounts, trades possibly but really low on room.

I have:
Lots of green slimmer 10-50 dollars
Rr Aussie gold 15-50 dollars
Rr starfire 20-100 dollars
Rr pink Cadillac 20- 100 dollars
Lots of no name acros - cheap
Pandora zoas 1dollar per zoa or free with other purchases (100’s of them)
Nirvana zoas 1 dollar per zoa have so many
Lots of random zoas cheap
Setosa 5-20 dollars
Forest fire digi
Several different kinds of montis

many other things not listed. Prices very negotiable if you are willing to take large amounts of stuff. Make offers need room in my tanks.
Text 248.804.8463
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