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New crocea from ClamsDirect

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I have to give thanks to Waynesreef for organizing the mini order from ClamsDirect.

Here is a shot of my other new prize

Group shot of all my clams. I now have 5 deresa, squamosa and 3 croceas

Soon the lights will be upgraded. I moved the small crocea off the rock it was attached to. A huge bristle was constantly attacking it from underneath and would cause the clam to excrete all kind of extra muscus.

All 5 are on the substrate for now until I figure out a way to elevate them off the substrate as well. When I pick them up sometime to upright them, there are bristle worms underneath the shells too![-banghead]

The clams are all together right now until I rearrange the rockwork.

I just can't win the battle of the worms [-ashamed][-censored]

I bought a neon dottyback upon the recommendation of a store clerk from TanksALot. I don't think the fish has done ANYTHING as far as eradication of the worms.

I see the worms in plain view during the day. The fish swims by and doesn't even notice.

My next step might be a bristle worm trap.
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what about building a plexi-glass box and set the clams in (knda like a shallow shoe box) that so they are protected from the worms until you get a grip on them. At least then you could see if there were worms attacking them and easily remove them.
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