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I have a 90 gal. reef tank which has been relatively stable for the past 7 years. As of last summer I had 5 fish all over 7 years old.
When my Foxface died last June I added a Coral Beauty but it died the first night. I noticed that my Yellow Damsels were attacking it so I removed them and gave them back to the LFS. I then bought an Orchid Dottyback and a Sleeper Goby. They looked fine when I put them in the tank but found them dead the next morning. It looked like my Clownfish was going after them so I removed it and gave it back to the LFS. I then bought 2 Banggai Cardinalfish and an Onyx Percola Clownfish. Again they looked fine the day I put them in the tank but all dead the next morning. I thought maybe my Sailfin Tang was going after them so I removed it and gave it back to the LFS. I now had no fish in the tank. I then bought a small Blue Hippo Tang and a Coral Beauty. The Tang lived but the Coral Beauty was dead the next morning. I then bought a Magenta Dottyback and Oscelaris Clownfish but they too died.
For some reason the Hippo Tang continues to thrive. Although I've been testing my water I took a sample into my LFS and they said there was nothing wrong with it. I had been vodka dosing 2ml a day and read that it could be taking oxygen out of the water so I stopped it and waited a month while doing 4 10% water changes. I then bought 2 Pajama Cardinals and they died within 2 days.
The fish I've bought came from 4 different LFS's. I've tried 3 different recommended ways of acclimating them. Only the Tang survives and is doing well.
At this point I am very frustrated, feel terrible for killing fish and at a total loss. Any advice would be greatly appreciated (including stop what your doing, tear down the tank and sell it).
Here are the details of my tank:
90 gallons (18” deep by 24” high by 48” long)
Live rock, live sand, coral and fish
Ruby 36 Elite Sump with sock filters
Refugium with Cheato macro algae, live rock and deep sand bed
Phosguard & Carbon Reactor – Dual with MJ1200 Pump
Red Reef Reefer Skimmer 300
Coralife Turbo-Twist 5x UV Sterilizer
Astraea and Turbo Snails
Asterina Starfish
Bristle worms
LPS, SPS, Soft corals and 2 Anemone (bubble, rock)
Chemical Dosing using Eshopp's Dosers:
Reef Fusion 1 - 8ml daily
Reef Fusion 2 - 7ml daily
Magnesium - 7ml daily
Iodine - 7ml daily
Fluval Marine LED
Ramp up from 8:00am to 10:00am, Ramp down from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Water Changes:
12 gallons weekly using RO/DI water and Salinity Salt
Current Tested Water Parameters:
Gravity: 1.026
PH: 8.1
Calcium: 400ppm
Nitrate: 2ppm
Alkalinity: 148
Magnesium: 1350ppm
Phosphates: 0
Iodine: 0.01

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My guess would be that your deep sand bed is toxic. The fish you***8217;ve had in there long term can survive because they adapted as the sand bed went bad. I***8217;ve had this same thing happen and have been in the process of slowly removing my deep sand bed.
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