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NEW Maxspect Budget-Friendly JUMP Series
JUMP*is an all-new, budget-friendly product line from Maxspect.

JUMP*is easily distinguishable from other Maxspect products-you can't miss their high-energy highlights and sophisticated light and dark exteriors.

JUMP*is for hobbyists that crave customizable control-but aren't crazy about the high cost of other solutions.*

JUMP*is Gyre flow. It's dual-intake, dual-needle wheel skimming. It's full-spectrum, fully programmable lighting. It's powerful pumps inspired by jet engines-yet run whisper-quiet using sine wave technology.

JUMP*is entry-level and affordable. It's efficient and dependable. It's a feature-rich family of four that is fit for fish, corals, and more.

NEW Seachem Silicone sealant/adhesive
Available in Black or Clear. Does not crack or shrink - permanently flexible. Fresh & Saltwater safe.

NEW Flourish Epoxy Freshwater
5 minute work time. Works with rock and driftwood. Available in Brown or Gray color.

NEW AutoAqua Smart Stir
A magnetic stirrer for mixing water test reagents efficiently and effortlessly.

New Hanna marine pH Checker
The HI780 Checker HC (Handheld Colorimeter) is a simple, accurate and cost effective way to measure pH in saltwater.
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