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Please find the new drive order below. We will still start at my house so see you at 10AM!!

Westland (hjmtv) 10am~11am
408 North Karle 734-727-0208

drive to Livonia 11am~1115am
Liviona (truepercs) 1115am~1215pm
30672 Munger 734-218-4699

drive to Royal Oak 1215pm~1245pm
Royal Oak (stapels) 1245pm~145pm
1803 North Vermont Ave. 248-760-1058

drive to West Bloomfield 145pm~215pm
West Bloomfield (mardemp) 215pm~315PM
7285 Woodlore Drive 248-669-0258

drive to Pinckney 315PM ~ 415PM
Pinckney (fishguy0226) 415PM ~ 515PM
933 Cricket Crossing 734-878-5860

mardemp, I think you can go ahead and make the maps!!

For one last count, can we get responses from people planning on coming.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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