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Innovative NuvoSkim DC Protein Skimmer
Let's say hello to the NuvoSkim DC, the industry's first, energy efficient, direct current powered nano protein skimmer.*

Innovative*Aquashield UV's
The new Univeral is now in stock. This model can adapt to several types of tank and install projects. We also have the 9w and 11w that is specially*made for Innovative tanks.*

Nero 5 Wave Pump - Save $50 BUCKS
March special on the Nero.
Expires 3/31/2

Neptune Cor-20 Water Pump Special
No Apex required. Cor-20 can run completely standalone.
Expires 3/31/2019 at Midnight.*
019 at Midnight.*

Vertex UF-1 & ROX Carbon Promo
Don't miss this limited time deal, receive a free UF-1 reactor with the purchase of these 2 1000ml ROX carbons.* Simply add this item to your shopping cart and you'll receive: 2 x 1000ml ROX 0.8 Carbon AND a Vertex UF-1 Media Reactor.

20% OFF Maxspect Turbine DUO
Very limited stock, 2 models to choose from, both 20% OFF.
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