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New softies tank

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I have been reading many of your posts, but rarely post anything myself. I have been encouraged to do more than just spectate, so here it goes.

I am getting rid of my 90 gallon set-up and will be going with a 70 gallon so that the lighting will reach to the bottom without being reduced too much. I would like to focus on the soft corals. Do you all have any suggestions for anything to do with the tank set-up? Nothing has been done yet, so I am open to here your advice. What kind of lighting, skimmers, refugium?, water flow, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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I agree completely with Jimbob, he will be dragged thru town after tar and feathering for sure!!

Just kidding, I kept softies and a pocilopora (SPS easy and hardy) for almost one year under PC lighting, and I think for what you are wanting, VHO would be the way to go. For that size tank, an Icecap 660 running 4 bulbs would give you more than enough light, IMO.

To fuge or not to fuge? YES! i am running a 55g w/20g fuge, and I have no mechanical filtration at all. No skimmer, filter, nothing. Everything is happy and healthy, I let natures own bio-filters do their thing in the fuge....again, just my opinion.

As for flow, as random as possible with as little powerheads is what I prefer. I have a SCWD with 1 maxi-1200 in my tank, and I have some serious movement.

Good luck, hope this helps a little.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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