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New softies tank

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I have been reading many of your posts, but rarely post anything myself. I have been encouraged to do more than just spectate, so here it goes.

I am getting rid of my 90 gallon set-up and will be going with a 70 gallon so that the lighting will reach to the bottom without being reduced too much. I would like to focus on the soft corals. Do you all have any suggestions for anything to do with the tank set-up? Nothing has been done yet, so I am open to here your advice. What kind of lighting, skimmers, refugium?, water flow, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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Although I will probably be publicly flogged for this and dragged through town after having been tarred and feathered, here goes:

1) Lighting: If you truly only want to go softies (and perhaps add a few LPS or very hardy other things down the road) my reccomendation would be VHO lighting (or perhaps T-5 if that's your preference). I keep all sorts of softies, plus LPS and a few SPS VERY successfuly with VHO lighting myself and have for years.

2) Skimmers: Do not feel as though you need to have the Binsford 2000 model of skimmer eaither. It does NOT need to be diesel powered or anything like that. Simply stick to a well-known, recommended name-brand such as Aqua-C, Euro-Reef, My Reef Creations, etc. What you do NOT want to do here is buy yourself a poorly recommended name brand skimmer (Sea Clone comes to mind) thinking you will save a few bucks... it will suck and you will wind up goping out and spending a little more to buy a decent one in the first place. I personally run a H.O.T. Aqua-C Remora on my 85G reef and I LOVE it... I don't believe in the need to skim the life out of things.

3) Refugium: Although I do not have one right now, I desperately wish I did... they are one of th4e best possible investments a person can make on their reef... do it right from the start and set it up when you set your tasnk up.

4) Water Flow: Even with a softie tank, I would turn the water column over a minimum of 15 times per hour (all forms of circulation combined except the skimmer). Make sure it is as chaotic and nonpredictible as possible: laminar water flow is horrible for corals.

Hope all of this helps... more importantly, go slow, take your time, do lots of research and HAVE FUN!!!
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