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Hi all,
I have a newbie question, I have a 160 gal tank, I kind of set it up pretty slowly...(Reef Tank) here is the order:

-mixed up saltwater and placed into tank 1/2 RODI and 1/2 Tap (I was waiting for my rodi filter) I will be using just RODI from here on.
-Added 100 Lbs of cured live rock from the Trop
-Added sand into it over 3 days (waiting for it to clear)

The next week
-Added another 100lbs of Live rock from the Trop
Waited a week (had powerheads on it only).

Next Week-
-Started the Refugium (55 gal tank w/ 3 partitions)

Next week(Last night)
- Took sand from several friends and the Trop, added it rubble rock (Trop) and Macro (Trop). Started filter and been adjusting. Found 3 hitchhiker crabs and 2 snails (tiny) on Live rock exploring(not intentionally added).

Started Protein skimmer and have been trying to adjust. (not getting anything in it yet)

When would you suggest starting to test the water quality?

Should I be getting any gunk from the skimmer yet?

Other info: (fuge under T-5 VHO's 12hrs on/12hrs off, Tank has 3 Kessil Sky Blue LED lights opposite cycle, have heater set at 76F)


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Sounds like a great start. Be cautions of the Hitch hikers as they may not be reef safe. Especially the crabs. For now they are fine, but with that much rock in there. Between now and adding fish may be the only time to get them out and put them in the fuge. Let us know how you like the Kessils over time.
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