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New TLF Live Aragonite Fine and Coarse
6.6 and 15lb in coarse sizes, 15lb only in fine size. Also available is a 44lb Coarse Dry version sand.

New TLF Little Feet & Rox
LittleFeet are flat limestone bases that can be used to provide a stable footing for large corals or frags or doing your aquaculture rock building. Rox are mroe for frags or setting up rubble zones.

New TLF Stax is Back
STAX is a flat, porous oolitic limestone for building layered aquascapes in marine aquariums. It provides a stable structure and limitless creative fun!*

New Bubble Magus D10 & D11
15% Two new DC models for those larger tank lovers. D10 rated for up to 500g and D11 up to 600g.*

NEW JBJ Clip LED only $19.99
USB Powered LED - 5watt / Daylight.*

TwoLittleFishies AccuraSea Salt is Back
The 50 gallon size consists of 10 carefully weighed pouches, each for making 5 gallons.

NEW SICCE JOLLY 10 & 20w Heaters
Reinforced plastic casing to make it fully submersible and unbreakable Thermal resistance to raise the temperature of the water a few degrees Strong Suction cups holder Thermal protection to switch OFF the heater when out of the water preventing overheating 2 year warranty

This is our LIVE VERSION. The rock has been cycling in rock pools for several months. The rock is still bare, no color, but it's full of beneficial live bacteria to help cycle your tank. We normally only sell this locally but since our retail store is closed during the pandemic, we are offering it online for the same price as dry, so jump start your tank without spending more money. We have it listed in 20 and 40lb boxes, but we can put together special box size for you, 25, 30, 50lb etc.
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