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New to saltwater

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I am going to make the jump into saltwater, and I was told this is the site to go to.

I will be setting up a 46 gallon bow frt Fish/rock only

I will be asking a ton of questions so please be easy on me :)
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Welcome to Michigan Reefers and whoever recommended this community was correct you are at the right place, we have lots of great information and a great member base...
Feel free to search around for questioned you may have that may of already been answered, this will save you some time rather than posting the same questions. Feel free to ask questions also we are all here to learn and give information.

Thanks, Dan at Oceans and Sea's Mentioned it yesterday when I was in there
Good luck. And ask away. Lots of smart people on here.
I love both fresh and saltwater tanks, but find saltwater reefs are the easiest to maintain with a little consistent monitoring, since they are self-balancing biological systems. That and they are vibrant with color and activity. I've never had a fish only tank, but you will get great advice here on keeping things happy and healthy. Best wishes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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