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Happy New Year to all of our Premium Aquatics customers!!* We are open for business this Saturday January 4th from 12-3pm and have some great things in store for all.* There are plenty of unique fish in store this week as well as your common reef finds.* Check out the link below for the full availability and see below for some sneak peaks of what you can find this week!* We hope to see you here tomorrow, starting the reefing year off with a bang!

10% off of Coral FRAGS $45 and under!* This includes our aqua-cultured corals and high end zoas and LPS.* We have some new corals in and quite a bit to choose from.

$10 Sale on Six Line Wrasses
$10 Sale on Lawn Mower Blennies
$10 Sale on Royal Grammas

Half Black Mimic Tang
Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse
Kole Tang
Koran Angel
Orange Stripe Prawn/Pistol Shrimp Combo
Bangaii Cardinals - Back in Stock!!
Royal Grammas
Coral Beauty

TONS of Clean Up Crew in Stock!!* Now is the time for those emerald crabs, hermits, snails, and peppermint Shrimp!!
Halloween Crabs
Red or Blue Tuxedo Urchins

New Duncan corals, Wall Hammer corals, Birdsnest SPS, Green Slimer SPS, Mushroom Corals, Goniopora and more!!*

There are plenty of ways to save this week at Premium Aquatics.* Check out the sale and clearance section and make sure to stop and look at the discount rack in the livestock room.* New items were added this week and even have some AWESOME deals on aquariums!!* See you tomorrow from 12pm to 3pm!
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