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newbie at fraging

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Some of my corals are finally getting to the point that they need a bit of trimming. I have never fragged anything and was looking for some advice or resources any of you guys might have. I will mainly be working with softies at this point. Have a few zoas/paly colonies and mushrooms to start with.
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Just use a razor blade. Zs n ps cut the foot in between the polyps. Shrooms cut through the middle and make sure you get a piece of the mouth. Wear goggles, they spit at you and it can be very dangerous. Google, watch YouTube if you're still unsure
Some equipment I would suggest, are the 100 pack razors from a hardware store and a paring knife, if your good at carving. Don't try carving base, non porous rock thou.

Rock chisels help too.

here's the paring knife and razor's I use:

example of carving technique for demo only.

look into paly toxin, for more info, ime it's a minor toxin, in others, deadly, handle with care.
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