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Newbie Give-a-ways

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If you are just setting up your first reef, I want to donate some very hardy aqua-cultured corals to you. Only have a few to donate for free to a good home. I don't want to give them away to someone to resale them. This is just a goodwill gesture to help out a fellow reefer who's just getting started.

Thanks, Mucho
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Mucho I don't care what everyone else says, you're all right. That is very nice of you. Too bad I am not a noob.
I guess I have to clarify. I have never heard anything bad spoken about Mucho. It was just a joke. His offer is most generous and I think the last time he sold zoos on here he donated the money to the site. :D :D :D
Kenbow19 said:
Mucho is the man
That is right Jerome is the man. He has insired my next tank. His tank is my wallpaper on my computer, hope you don't mind Mucho it is just so awesome to look at everyday.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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