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Newbie Give-a-ways

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If you are just setting up your first reef, I want to donate some very hardy aqua-cultured corals to you. Only have a few to donate for free to a good home. I don't want to give them away to someone to resale them. This is just a goodwill gesture to help out a fellow reefer who's just getting started.

Thanks, Mucho
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Hmm... so what exactly makes a newbie a newbie? I am new-ish to saltwater... Just got my first tank in may, but I've been caring for animals..... of all types (yes children too ;) )... all my life. I have spent alot of money in these past few months, as many here can attest, lol ..... so my tanks are far from bare.

Just for the record, I don't think I would consider myself a newbie... I feel very comfortable with my ability to care for my animals, and in learning anything I need to learn to care for them.

So, am I a newbie or not? :)
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