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$400. I calculate this all out and I have upwards of 800 into this system.

I have decided to sell my current reef setup so that I can upgrade. Although I will need some of the items I am selling eventually, I am doing a light remodel to my living room starting this month so I will replace that stuff once I am ready to set my new system up.

My system is an Aquatop 24-gallon all-in-one (AOI) that retailed for the AOI system only for $300 a few months ago. I have had four separate nano systems and this one by far blows the others out of the water -yes, including Biocubes. This AOI is essentially a knockoff version of the Red Sea Reefer Nano. The glass is 3/8***8221; tempered without any evident scratching (I take fairly good care of it). The AOI included a protein skimmer, a stock light, and a return pump (which is a ***8220;cheap***8221; knockoff but it is literally the quietest and nicest pump I have owned to date ***8211; Yes, it is whisper quiet compared to my previous biocube with the Sicce Silent in it). I didn***8217;t like using the protein skimmer so I removed the little stock pump inside of it and now use that to mix salt. The AOI has four compartments in the rear and three separate media baskets (currently filled with regular Chemi-pure, Chemi-pure Blue, Phosgard, Seachem Matrix, ceramic/porous media, and some pieces of rock). Note that this system is thriving and even experiences explosions in copepod populations at random! It is not quite old enough to have coraline aglae all over the glass yet, but yes it has grown a little on rocks

In addition to the AOI setup, the following is included in the sale.

Tetratech 50w heater preset to 78.
Fluval adjustable 100w heater
Glass suction cup thermometer.
Various filter media bags.
Koralia Nano 240 gallon powerhead
Nearly full bag of Reef Crystals salt.
Supplemental 60 watt light (macegrow aquaknight LED with UV ***8211; I run the stock blues and this supplement on full power and the reef looks beautiful)
Siphon substrate vacuum
Approximately 5 feet of additional 5/8 inch tubing (not including the 3-4 feet on the substrate vacuum)
Magnet glass cleaner
2 HDPE orange home depot buckets ***8211; nothing but RODI/saltwater has ever touched these buckets
5-gallon potable water jug (nothing but RO/DI has ever touched this jug)
Refractometer with refracto juice (calibration fluid)
DIY stand that I never finished. Looks like crap but it could probably hold the weight of a car lol
Two neoprene pads for resting the tank on hard surfaces
Approximately 25-lbs of live rock (includes a life rock and a shelf rock, the latter of which is perfect shape for a large tunnel system that cannon collapse ***8211; See tiger pistol shrimp notes below)

Tiger Pistol Shrimp and Yellow Watchman Goby pair ***8211; note that the goby is actually like a tan color with black lines (I read online that it morphed into a female?). Note that they are paired up and the pistol is always remodeling things! Lol. I can also get it so snap on command. It beats its neighbors up but it is only a warning and has never done any damage
Blue damsel
Peppermint Shrimp
Emerald crab
Two hermit crabs
Two snails (different breeds)
Typical hitchikers (I have a red and white brittle star that I raised from pin sized to around an inch now, and it eats from my hand!

Branching purple/green hammer coral (had 3 small heads originally but I read my refractometer wrong one day and the water change killed one of the heads. Since then, the other two have doubled in size
Teal candy cane coral (I had a tiny barely alive piece of bright green candy can as well, but it was so small that im positive the tiger pistol turned it into an ornament inside its cave system
Green Star polyp.

Like I said, this system is thriving! I love it, but as soon as my living room is done, I plan on doing a through-wall reef system!

I will send photos via text upon request. Please dont send a DM, as I find it hard to get on here.

Steve 734-660-9459


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Not a problem. Not in too much of a hurry. The longer it stays the the longer I just have to wait to spend all of my free time working on my living room lol. It's a sweet little reef and I love the animals but once I again I want something larger so I figured Id knock out two birds with one stone

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Well for you the price is 800 just because I'm not interested in dealing with a loser who cannot comprehend the purpose of me stating what everything cost me. Go pay full retail price for the brand new tank at $300 because that's what I paid four months ago haha.
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