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Nicks 560 Gallon Acro Oasis

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Well let me start off by saying I've been in this hobby since 2004 a long time now that I think about it. My first ever tank was a 75 gallon with a hang on the back filter that I had moderate success with. It seems like every time we move we decide to upgrade our tanks, so as I moved around I also had, a 120g, 60 cube , my most recent 245 gallon. Well the time has come again as I have finally got the chance to move into my first house that I will own. So with that comes... "THE UPGRADE!"

I have plenty of space to house my new aquarium in my dining room is where I like to keep them and this fits well at the new place as I can see it from the kitchen, living room and throught the house. I chose to go through miracles for this tank as its so massive I couldn't get Steve at Great Lakes aquariums to build it, he just didn't have the room. He will be building my sump however.

The new aquarium will be 10 feet long, 36 inches wide and 30" tall. I have dreamed about this tank for a long time and never had the space for it. Well I finally do. It will be Starfire front and left side, it will have an external overflow box with 4- 2" drains. There will be 5-1" returns along the back bottom, and 4 1" returns across the front. I had the back done in black vinyl as well as the right side and bottom. I will be going bare bottom in this setup.

As far as flow I plan to run my barracuda gold return wide open, currently I run it at half throttle on my current setup, all my equitment is house in the basement now, it will not be for the new setup. I will be putting a fish room behind the tank, unfortunatly it will be small so I will really have to think my setup out more on that later.

For flow I will run between 4-6 mp60s

Lighting will be 5-6 400 w radiums on lumatek ballasts , I may run 3, 400s and 2 250s for now as that's what I have. I will also be running t5 on icecap ballast

Skimming will be left up to my trusty bubble king 300 delux internal.

Of course I will be running the apex as well.... Loads more of things to come along the way, I'll be posting some pictures up shortly.....

The aquarium should be ready sometime in the next few weeks :victory:
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