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Noisy Mag 36

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I bought this pump from fellow reefer, new in box. Just got tank plumbed using pump as closed loop on 180. The pump is quite loud. I then placed pump submerged in tank with no pipes at all and still loud. Next step inspected and replaced impeller with no luck. Is this normal for large mag pumps or bad pump?? Thanks for the input.
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Hello, I understand your problem completely, I bought a brand new Mag 36 and it is simply too loud, haven't used it since the first day of setup. Replaced the impeller, ran it for a while, still too noisy. I went with a Quiet One 6000 and was completely satisfied. The Mag is still sitting in a box collecting dust.
I believe the Mag is rated at a max head of 25ft with 3600GPH max flow. The Quiet One is I admit less powerful at at max head of 12 feet I think and a max flow of approx 1500GPH, but I guess it depends on what you really want to use it for. All I needed it to do was push water in a closed loop through my external filter. The quiet one had more user friendly inlet/outlet design, it runs completely silent ( and I mean quiet) and suprisingly does not generate an excessive amount of heat. I run it on a 240gal so that might help with the heat dispersal.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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