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A Quick note of Thanks to SkylerGirl for the lead to this Company. North Coast Marines sells Lighting fixtures, Ballast's etc. I recently ordered a retro fit 660W VHO System from them along with a couple 4" Ice cap fans. Well the reflector came on Tuesday the Bulbs on Wednesday. Now for the Ballasts and Fans, soon my corals and fishes are wearin sun tan lotion and sunglasses. Came home from work on Thursday message on the machine from Mark at North Coast wants me to call him. Called Mark he said that he thought UPS. had lost my shipment and that he would send out another package if the orignal did'nt show on Friday. Well Friday came no package so Mark sent out another as he said he would. [-thumbu][-thumbu][-thumbu][-thumbu][-thumbu]

My Question, when was the last time you spent good money at any vendor(s) and they called you when they saw that things did'nt look right in shipping?? North Coast Marines [-angel]gets my business every time if thats the care that they give all there customers nice job Mark and your crew. Thanks for remembering the customer. AAAAAAA++++++++ Service Doug B.[-shades]
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Just a little note on fans. I recently had to get a couple and tried a few but they were all real loud! A member pointed me towards the computer fans so I went to Best Buy and Comp USA.
Comp USA has fans with the Comp USA label on them and they have a temp sensor. They are also variable speed as well. I was a little nervous about how much air they would push but they do a great job and are silent. I can't hear them and even though it doesn't feel like they are blowing a ton of air, with my MH and VHOs running, my tank temp doesn't move. they were only 14 bucks too.
Just an idea,
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