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NUVO 20 System, Apex, XR15W Pro, MP10, RODI

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Complete system that was taken down last year and has been waiting for a good home!

IM Fusion Nuvo 20 - In tank filters, Ghost protein skimmer, media filter. Tank needs a cleaning but everything works great.
Nuvo 10 - used as a QT
Apex Classic - Salinity module, lab grade probes, 8 Outlet Power. The small screen lights up but doesn't show information. I found some information on resetting this but never got around to it and used the Apex app on my phone. Other than the screen everything is working and connected to Apex Fusion for testing.
XR15w Pro and Mount - Great light, no issues
MP10WQD - Wetside shows some wear but no issues with pump and interfacing with the Apex
BRS 75 GPD RODI - Extra filters, DI media
Electronic Salinity Tester, Hannah Ph Checker

I understand that it is unlikely a single person would be looking for everything here and want to the entire system but my goal is to sell everything at once. I have unopened salt, test kits, tubing, etc that are also included but I did not include in price.

Asking $1000 OBO for everything. If nobody wants the whole system I will start to part out the items in the next week or so.

Thanks for looking! 248-376-6815 for questions (Text/call)


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Interested in the apex system if you part out
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