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I have a floor model Nuvo 38 available. It is scratched up, but still very servicable.
This pic shows the majority of the marks. Comes with one media basket.$75
WP_001618.jpg Photo by mikev_us | Photobucket

7 gallons of reef sand mixed with a little crushed coral. Enough for a deep sand bed in the Nuvo.

IM protein skimmer rated for 65 gallons. Used for about a year.

Tunze nano skimmer. A little beat up and missing cup cover. I bought it used and only used it for a month. It never fit well in the tanks I've had.

CPR Bakpak 2. Comes with the bubble trap addon.

Tunze nano wavebox with 7092 controller.

Penguin Biowheel 100. Comes with three charcoal filters.

Hydor Koralia pico 300.

258 gph submersible pump. Broken return spout held in place by marine epoxy. $10
WIN_20141116_133217.jpg Photo by mikev_us | Photobucket
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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