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Nuvo Fusion Owners!

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Hi Everyone, want to get some other nuvo AIO people on here to converse with haha, already a member on the owners thread on a different forum, but thought I'd start one on here for us Michiganders. What's your setup.... go!

Check out Pics on my instagram---> www.instagram.com/thereefcube

Mines a 40 gallon
Custom Stand
Kessil A160we
Spectral Controller
Eheim 2000 Pump
Sicce and Korila Powerheads
Aquatop 150w heater
Dual Filter Socks with Polyfiber pads on top of each sock
Chemipure elite

Occy Clown
Purple Firefish
Starry Blenny
2 Pajama Cardinals
Fire Shrimp
About 4-5 Hermits
About 10 Astrea Snail
2 Trochus Snails

Mixed reef Lps/Sps

Shopping around for Skimmer. Probably gonna go with aquamaxx hob1 so I dont have to give up filter sock to a tunze9004
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