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I am starting to get all of the forums PA sponsors updated, so I wanted to share one of our projects we have been working on for awhile. It is a Reef Crest Drop Off All-In-One 17 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium that Brandon has been working on for the checkout counter at Premium Aquatics.

Here is our recent update:
Redid the aquascape
Added cobalt 25W neotherm heater
Marine pure cell pore media (Dose 10mL weekly)
Added Smart ATO
Use the slide out drawer for reservoir

B9FCD289-160B-499F-AFFB-9735619A7371_zpsvw2xrgqw.jpg Photo by Premiumaq | Photobucket

4E57F318-81FA-4378-9220-F752EC376037_zpsvzu7dazq.jpg Photo by Premiumaq | Photobucket

99C7022D-5426-4123-9558-510FED12A9E8_zpshhwxnxxa.jpg Photo by Premiumaq | Photobucket

Stay tuned for more!
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