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Ok I have an itching to buid a new canopy...

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Ok I just saw a picture of stevewest's canopy on Reef Central, and it gave me an itching to rebuild mine. I currently have a 180 with 3 MH and 2 VHOs that arent currently running (having wiring issues). I would love to do the surge device inside, as Neo did, but it is not a necessity. Tank is a standard 180. Here is the problem. I am a sucky DIYer. My questions are Does anyone have a nice easy step by step canopy design? If not, what things would you incorporate into the design? I know I want it hinged in the middle so I can get into the tank, and possibly opening/sliding doors on the front. Anything else people have discovered are "must haves"? Also, what should I make this out of? I read 3/4" plywood somewhere. Basically I need a "Building canopies for dummies" book! )
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For my top i basically just used 1x12 pine cut the corners at 45's and left the back open. For the top i used 1x4 1x6 cant remember at the back of the canopy then where my mh are attached i used 2 1x6 connected together with 1x1 or u could use one solid piece and hinge them together so my top flips up. I didnt get fancy with i suppose i could have routed the edges to give a cleaner look and probably could have added doors in the front. If you want a pic let me know.

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