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Ok I have an itching to buid a new canopy...

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Ok I just saw a picture of stevewest's canopy on Reef Central, and it gave me an itching to rebuild mine. I currently have a 180 with 3 MH and 2 VHOs that arent currently running (having wiring issues). I would love to do the surge device inside, as Neo did, but it is not a necessity. Tank is a standard 180. Here is the problem. I am a sucky DIYer. My questions are Does anyone have a nice easy step by step canopy design? If not, what things would you incorporate into the design? I know I want it hinged in the middle so I can get into the tank, and possibly opening/sliding doors on the front. Anything else people have discovered are "must haves"? Also, what should I make this out of? I read 3/4" plywood somewhere. Basically I need a "Building canopies for dummies" book! )
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wish my father-in -law was s till here he could of done yours for you. He is back in Argentina now buut he has all kinds of carpentry skills. Good luck on this paint your sweet tank still on my mind.
yeah they can that is what we did when He helped me with mine we had all the measyrements and went and picked out the material. Mainly I think the most important thing is as you say praticality. Some people go over board with their plans and end up having to resort back to simplicity. again paint good luck on your next project.
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