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Once again the 90 gal pics

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Well here goes nothing, this is my firs shot at posting pics so no promisses.lol
By the way I'm new at taking the pics too so no fair laughing. Sorry for all the actinic shot I just think it's cool and just set up the halides and vho's so I can do it now.


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Unfortunatly they did show up.
Oh sure, get us excited to see pictures and then...nothing.
Try, try again.
Ok, I've tried all I can tonight. Any body use hp share to web software that can give me some tips. I tried copying the jpg file from the pic and inserting it using the button above and the attach file I'm not sure where to get the file from without sending allll my pics to the post. I could use some help if anyone doesn't mind I'm a newbie at the whole pic thing.

Are you trying to upload directly from your Camera? If so, try saving the file to your computer then upload the file from your pc.
I'm not sure what the problem is but have you tried just saving the jpeg to your desktop and uploading it from there? I don't know if that helps or not. Good luck.
I had the same prob at first... Try 2 remane it a shorter name, also there is a windows xp tool(if thats what u have) that alows u 2 right click on it and resize it, I cant member the name but some1 here prob. can help out there or I will look monday and finnd find it for u. I also had a problem with the pic being 2 large. Also when u use the attach file there should be a report after it is finished or failed that tells u the prob.
skippy if you find the tool in xp to resize pics let me know, I didn't know about it.
ok so its not working, I dunno what to try next. I tried to re-size, re-name, re-everything!!!! The web site should let you view the album too but not sure why it won't. Every time I try to copy and past to the post I copy but it won't let me past, it doesn't give that option when I r-click. Anyone!! Please help before I loose it.
PM if you want I'll throw them on my web site for ya.
This is the link for people who use windows xp... There are a # of different "powertoys"

This is ONLY for XP I think if u have 95 or 98 U can go to microsoft.com and do a search for powertoys and there will be a DL page for it.
Hey no prob, its an easy and very fast way 2 resize pics, havent used any of the other tools yet.
Thanks for the help everyone. Now I can see about getting some better pics!
Come on you guys, what do you think???
Good Job you got it, I think it looks good. I like the way you have it set up! Is that a Naso in there? I like em one of my favorite fish. Can you get some close ups with the lights on? Like the 4th pic down, but with the lights.

Congratulations on the pictures. Those red zoos are great! How much live rock did you add and what kind of sand bed (and how deep)are you using?
Thanks, Sherm about 125 lbs. of lr and 2-3" of cc bed. Mixed tonga and figi lr
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