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I think everyone should post their fantasy players so outsiders can rip on them without mercy.


J. Delhomme (Car - QB)
C. Dillon (NE - RB)
C. Brown (Ten - RB)
R. Moss (Min - WR)
M. Harrison (Ind - WR)
I. Bruce (StL - WR)
M. Bennett (Min - RB)
T. Jones (Chi - RB)
L. Fitzgerald (Ari - WR)
C. Palmer (Cin - QB)
B. Lloyd (SF - WR)
D. Driver (GB - WR)
O. Mare (Mia - K)
Jacksonville (Jac - DEF)

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Sea Monkeys

D. Culpepper (Min - QB)
L. Tomlinson (SD - RB)
C. Martin (NYJ - RB)
T. Owens (Phi - WR)
S. Moss (NYJ - WR)
J. McIntyreNA (KC - WR)
R. Smith (Den - WR)
L. Suggs (Cle - RB)
Ke. Johnson (Bal - WR)
T. Maddox (Pit - QB)
J. Elam (Den - K)
J. Feely (Atl - K)
Baltimore (Bal - DEF)
Kansas City (KC - DEF)

Overall I'm pleased. Though, I'm sure i'll be making some moves as I don't need 2 Kickers and 2 Defenses.

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Paint: Your two receivers are great. I will trade you some nice purple zoos for Moss or Harrison.
Fignewton- I would be pleased with that as well. Un fortunatly I fell asleep at 9 so I missed the draft but I was happy with who I got. I don't think I would have selected any TEs but the ones I got are OK.
M. Vick (Atl - QB)
S. Alexander (Sea - RB)
K. Barlow (SF - RB)
E. Moulds (Buf - WR)
T. Heap (Bal - TE)
C. Chambers
Q. Griffin (Den - RB)
A. Crumpler (Atl - TE)
J. Garcia (Cle - QB)
P. Warrick (Cin - WR)
K J. Wilkins (StL - K)
R. Longwell (GB - K)
DEF Miami (Mia - DEF)
Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF)

I will update the rest when I get home from work.

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My team

D. McNabb (Phi - QB)
A. Green (GB - RB)
T. Henry (Buf - RB)
T. Holt (StL - WR)
L. Coles (Was - WR)
P. Price (Atl - WR)
T. Barber (NYG - RB)
C. Pennington (NYJ - QB)
R. Wayne (Ind - WR)
W. McGahee (Buf - RB)
Ro. Williams (Det - WR
S. Jackson (StL - RB)
S. Janikowski (Oak - K)
Carolina (Car - DEF)

Back from Miami....Missed the Hurricane

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Mrs Gillis (my wife)

B. Favre (GB - QB)
E. James (Ind - RB)
B. Westbrook (Phi - RB)
C. Johnson (Cin - WR)
J. Smith (Jac - WR)
P. Burress (Pit - WR)
J. Porter (Oak - WR)
D. Staley (Pit - RB)
T. Green (KC - QB)
T. Wheatley (Oak - RB)
R. Gardner (Was - WR)
J. Rice (Oak - WR)
M. Gramatica (TB - K)
Tennessee (Ten - DEF)

She didn't do too bad

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Boy I hope not....but that's usually how it goes.

I'm in a $100 buy in league and we let one of our friends in this year (a girl who has never played). She pulled 1st pick (took Ahman Green ??) but has a pretty good team.

I hope she doesn't win

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my team
P. Manning (Ind - QB)
S. Davis (Car - RB)
A. Thomas (Chi - RB)
K. Winslow (Cle - TE)
D. Jackson (Sea - WR)
Ke. Johnson (Dal - WR)
R. Johnson (Cin - RB)
N. Davenport (GB - RB)
J. Plummer (Den - QB)
M. Robinson (Min - WR)
D. Watts (Den - WR)
V. Testaverde (Dal - QB)
New England def
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