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All must go, dry and cleaned with vinegar, if you save me some time by taking a bunch I'll cut a deal for bundling and probably throw in stuff as well. Reasonable offers will be considered. Pictures available on request.

IM Nuvo 30L All In One with black stand, with upgraded baskets, return pump, rotating nozzles, screen for the top and IM ghost skimmer. - SOLD

Vortec MP10w - Barely used. $175
Vortec MP40wQD (upgraded, with original controller as well) - $190
Vortex MP40wQD (upgraded, with original controller as well) - $190
Vortec Battery Backup - $100

Tunze 3155 Universal ATO - - SOLD
Reefbreeders Photon V2 - 24" with wifi remote. All LEDs good - - SOLD
Tunze submersible Sump light. - SOLD
Eheim heater - SOLD
100W Hydor heater for water changes - $10
Full set of salifert test kits (Mg/Ca/KH-Alk/Ph/NO3/Nitrate/NH4/Phos) - $60
90 GPD APEC Countertop 4-stage RO system - $110 (has new filters and membrane)
Reef Crystals Salt (Half Box, unopened) - $10
Kalkwasser - $4
Brand new bag of CaribSea Sand - $10
Remaining Fish Food (Dry) - Reef Roids, Sustainable Aquatics, Omega One, Spectrum - new or near full containers - The Lot $10
Battery Operated Timed Feeder - $5
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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