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Pet supplier in White Lake

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It was on my way home yesterday, so i figured i drop in and take a look. For a small store i was impressed. Every tank i looked in, everything looked healthy, and clean too. Prices were reasonable. They had a nice selection for the number of tanks they had to work with, and powder blue tangs, with no ich.... definity shows they know what their doing. lol
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Pet Provisions in Hartland isn't too far from White Lake. South East corner of M-59 and Old 23. Selection on fish can be a bit spotty. I have seen some very nice live rock in there on occasion. My tank is FOWLR still so I'm not sure how good there coral selection is. The tank is always clean and stocked pretty well though. They also have stores in Brighton and Howell.
I'm surprised to here that. I wouldn't say that I go there alot but I have not had any experience like that. Usually when I go it's early on Saturday so maybe she's not there. I usually deal with a guy who I believe is the owner. He has been pretty helpful and taken time to talk and answer questions. I would not go to any LFS and have them recommend a setup for a new tank. They will just try to sell what they have there in stock whether it will work or not. Research, Research, Research.
the Pet provisions in hartland looks terrible. There reef tanks were in horrible shape a couple of month's ago. They said they swithched something with their lighting, and caused an algae bloom. Then a few weeks later they tore all the tanks down. I was in there this week and they are all still down. The live rock they have is covered with aptasia. The few corals they have are in small cubes with too little flow and too little light. The Pet Provisions in Howell is looking much better. I was in there on Sunday and it looked much better than it has in month's.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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