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I have had these items sitting in my basement for a year now since I took my tanks down please call ahead if you would like me to test them. I would be willing to run them in my wash tub to prove that they are functional.

cell 6166440538

Phosban 550 reactor all parts and accessories included ran bio-pellets 1 year. $35

Tunze 6206 wavebox in perfect working order when i put in back in the original box
All manuals included and photo cell was operational at time of shutdown. This is the smaller one (up to 90 gal) that they don't make anymore. $100

Kent HI-S 4 stage RO/DI unit. No filters are included in this unit but it does have an inline TDS meter. $50

Euro Reef RC135 protein skimmer with extra pump. This unit comes with a story but it works really well. please call ahead on this one in particular. $100

Price are negotiable especially the more you buy. Please contact me by the cell number as I probably wont be back on the website anytime soon.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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