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Reallly nice! I'll just say it b4 everyone else. What size tank and what equipment do you have to run that beauty?? The more info you give use the better :D

Ohh and welcome to our board!


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Pfft, I want the "behind the scenes" pics.

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Thanks for your comments!

Tank specs:

90 gallon AGA reef ready...SPS/LPS Tank
760w of sun
AQUA C EV180 skimmer
Korallin 1502 Calcium Reactor
30gal sump

I also have a 29 gal. reef, 150w of sun, AquaC Remora.

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Baboon48 said:
More details....:D

How about what fish are in the tank, corals, lbs of Live Rock, etc...

BTW, beautiful tank!!!
5 Acro colonies
3 Millipore colonies
1 Bird's nest colony
20 to 30 mushrooms
miscellaneous zoa colonies (I have given away most of them to my friends because I wanted to go SPS.)
2 Monti caps corals
1 Echino coral
5 Monti Digitata colonies
1 Blasto Merleti colony
1 Acan colony
1 Lobo brain
4 heads of Hammer coral
1 Mushroom leather
Green Star polyps
a little Xenia (I have flushed and given away everything but it keeps growing back.)

1 Yellow Tang
1 Kole Tang
1 Blond Naso Tang
1 Longnose Hawk
1 Sixline wrasse
1 Coral Beauty
1 Purple Tang
4 Green Chromis
1 Bi color Blennie
1 Clown Goby
Mated pair of Ocellaris Clownfish

100+ Turbo snails
100+ Nassarius vibex
2 Brittle Stars
1 Sally Lightfoot crab

I have around 120+ pounds of Figi Live Rock and 100+ pounds of Figi live sand.
I'm sure I have missed a few things, but this is all I can think of at the moment.
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