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I have a small and large frag of pink zippers available

2 polyps $5
8+ polyps sold

Idaho grape rock 3" on small 1" rock sold
loose pieces 1" $5

also accidentally had a small rock slide resulting in two tiny frags
Blue Milli $5 1/4"
Bird of Paradise $5 1/4"
Blue Mushroom rock $10 1" one mushroom
orange digi 1" two branches $5

Call cell for time to come by, as I dont check my pms daily.


14 Mile and I 94 area

1,318 Posts
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$5 frags left

bunch of $5 frags left updated post

---------- Post added 01-27-2012 at 07:16 PM ----------

A friend of mine asled me to post his 90 gal tank.
He recently had a tragedy in his family and does not want to have to deal with people or selling it. (it is in the Sheby area)

90 gal no scratches FOWLR including stand (dark pine wood) canopy, lights, wet -dry, fluval canister filter , big hill of rock, heater, ect. Tank is not drilled, overflows inc.
fish inc damsels and lg tomato clown (over $1000 invested in system)
First $200 takes firm, will not seperate or ship.
4 ft x 18 deep
has used copper several years ago.
Tanks and stand in excellent shape. Rock will need to be cleaned off, some hair algae.

Sorry, I have no pics and do not want to bother him. Serious inquires only.
send me PM if interested.
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