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Please identify this

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Hi guys,
Can you please identify this thing? It's right in the center of the picture on the Live rock. Is it a starfish or is it something else? Thanks View attachment 16871
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Hi Johnny,

That is an asterina star. Here is some light reading for you:

FAQs about Asterina (tiny, white...) Sea Stars 1

yeah. they typically dont cause trouble, but multiply rapidly. i always tried to keep them out of my tank. worked for about 8 months, then there were many. after that its a loosing battle. took weimers advice on another thread. he said remove 10 a day and it will stay under control.... just too lazy to keep up on them :(.

a harlequin shrimp will kill em off quickly, along with any other stars, but then it would just die of sarvation and i have no idea how hard they are to catch and return either. so not a very resposible option.
...mine have never been a problem, but it's true that you'll never get them all. I have a 20L and I thought there was nowhere for them to hide for long. Even when I think I remove them all, I always find more later.

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they can become problems, some of them enjoy eating zoanthid polyps. so just watch them
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