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I need some plumbing help from you all. The picture bellow illustrates what I'm trying to do.

I guess my main concerns are all the float valves in the storage barrels (both FW and SW) and 5 gallon TO tank. To me it makes since but what do you all think? They will take a while to fill initially as water will be flowing into three different tanks. Once one or two are full though the float valves will close and only go into one tank. This was the only way I could think of keeping my TO tank full. I guessing that the main tank will need to be TOed with most all of the contents of the storage tank. So I would have to fill it every day (like I'm going to remember that :) ). Of couse there will be ball valves and unions especially in the transfer pump section.

Also do you think that where I placed the booster pump pressure switch will it work and shut it off?
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