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Ponape Birdsnest Coral, Blue Birdsnest, LED's, Frogspawn LPS, Hammer LPS, Wp60

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Ponape Coral, Blue Birdsnest,3 MarsAqua LED Fixtures, Frogspawn LPS, Hammer LPS, Wp60

Ponape Birdsnest Coral frag $30 Green wit Pink Tips

Blue Birdsnest Frag $20

3 MarsAqua LED's $85 each FIRM 165 watts each, dimmable, daisy chain able, on/off switch looking to sell all 3 s a set

Frogspawn LPS $15 a head Green with Blue Tips

Hammer LPS $15 a head Blue with green Tips

NEW Wp60 Wave maker $70 SOLD

Reef Octopus Otp-2000 pump new $80

Work Horse ballast $20

Call or Text for pics 2487902544 no trades

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What size and wattage are these and how many do you have? Mounting kits available? Dimmable? Programmable? Thanks. Also, did the sale of the Kessil go thru?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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