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I'm in the process of putting together a sump/fuge to enhance my 45 gallon reef. I've been going through the process of design, and considering putting in a DSB (about 5" thick). But I have commitment issues...what if I want to move up to a larger sump? Different design? Tearing/moving an anaerobic DSB is a bit dicey.

Then I thought...what If I just get a largish rubbermaid container about the size I wanted the DSB to be and use it? It would minimize sand migration and if I wanted to change the layout or move things around, I could just pick it up and move it.

Any down sides to this idea (besides aesthetics and not seeing the cool squigglies as easily in the bed)?

BTW, I settled on a 15 gallon (12x12x24) sump aquarium, a Quietflow 600 Overflow and an Ocean Runner 2500 pump. I'm going to hang my Remora on the side of it.

Just need to get my hands on some Chaeto in the GR area once I get it up and running, and I'm on my way!


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