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Premium Aquatics is locked and loaded with gorgeous fish, corals and inverts for this first weekend of March!* We got in a shipment of zoanthids and mushrooms from Vietnam, and a stunning box of*fish and inverts.* This is some of the nicest stuff we have had in for a while and they are all priced to move.* Check out some of the highlights below and make sure to stop in this weekend to save all around, including 10% off of our Aqua-Cultured fish system!!

Sneak Peak - Miscellaneous Fish
Greensided Jawfish - super cool!
Railway Sleeper Glider - super cool fish!
Two Spot Goby
Yellow Watchman
Diamond Watchman
Hector's Goby
Bangaii Cardinals
Midas Blenny
Flame Hawk
Red Firefish - $10 this weekend
Orange Lined Cardinals

Chocolate Tang
Sailfin Tang
Powder Brown Tang - Eating like a Champ!!
Kole Tang
Scopas Tang
Tomini Tang

Coral Beauties
Koran Angel
Flame Angel
Flameback Angel

Whipfin Fairy Wrasse
Katherine's Wrasse
Carpenter's Wrasse - on Special!* $15.99
McCosker's Wrasse - on Special!* $15.99
6 Line Wrasse

Green Bubble Tips
Rose Bubble Tip
Ultra Rock Nems - on Special!!* only $24.99
Marble Reef Starfish
Blue Linckia Starfish
Red Linckia Starfish
Purple Pincushion/Halloween Urchins
Clean up Crew Galore!!* Lots of Hermits, Turbo snails, emerald crabs and more!!

March Madness Corals!!
Vietnam Zoanthid Colonies and Frags
Vietnam Mushroom Colonies and Frags
Lots of new corals and Euphyllia including Wall Hammers and Frogspawns, Torches, Octospawn, Gorgeous Goniopora just in...Gorgonians, Designer Zoas and lots more!!

This is a great weekend to save on some of your favorite reef essentials too!* Check out the sale and clearance section before stopping in...and take a peek at the rack inside the door for great ways to save.* We hope to see you this Saturday, 3/7/2020, from 12- 3pm!!* *
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