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Hello, I just signed up for a new account here. I had an account before,
but I misplaced the password for it. So I just started a new account. My
Private Messages are not working proper. I sent a PM to another member
selling coral and my first PM shows in the sent messages. No other PM Ive
sent since shows. The seller of the Coral responded. I replied and the
message is not showing anywhere. So I don't even know if my reply
went through. So then I tried to message him again and that message
isn't showing in my sent folder...

I just tried to message an Admin and the same thing.. Nothing shows
in the sent folder..

Would appreciate some help...

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Also why am I not allowed to reply to posts in the selling Forum?

Ive been a member for over 30 days. I thought that was the rule?
It looks like you are in the right group and should be able to post in Selling Forums section. Are you still unable to post?

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