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Proclear Pro 75 Wet/Dry Filters

2 Pro 75 wet/dry. I purchased them new about 4 years ago. They have worked fine. I don't think the skimmer is great, but for what it is its fine. We had a very nice 40 gallon reef on one and a FO 50 gallon on the other. The cleaner one was used in the fo tank and at one time copper was used in the tank. According to the LFS Acrylic doesn't absorb copper, so it should be fine on a reef or fo tank. The dirty one, will require some elbow grease to clean, but it worked on our reef good for years. They will need pumps if you want to use the skimmer on it. It just pulls right out if you don't want to use it. The pump that came with the units are rio 600's.

The blue drawer on top it for chemical media
The grate is where bio balls would go if you want them
One of them has the sponge still although I would replace that

If you want them both you can have for $150 (And I have an extra skimmer body you can have), or either one, your choice for $75.
The web site to look at them is http://www.pro-clear.com/pro_wetdry.htm.


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