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Protein Skiimmer Suggestions

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Recently, I purchased a JBJ 24 Gallon DX for my apartment. NB: I am in the process of moving from Michigan to Indiana and I thought it might be useful to have a small tank operating to ease the transfer of my corals. Besides, what's life without a small reef to look at.

After some research, I purchased the Aqua-Life Protein Skimmer only to find that it won't fit into either of the fist two chambers without cutting the plastic rim. So I went ahead and purchased the JBJ protein skimmer on the assurances (from JBJ) that it would fit -- it doesn't. If I use the hanger supplied by JBJ, the unit skimate cup is too tall to close the hood. Can anyone tell me how to modify the JBJ protein skimmer to get it to fit without having to cut or take off the hood? Failing that, have you found a protein skimmer that will fit into the JBJ chambers without having to modify the rim or hood?

On another note, Is the back of the tank painted glass? Can the paint be removed from the middle chamber to allow lighting for a refugium? How?

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