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Pulsing Xenia

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I have a whole bunch of Xenia that I've propagated that I would like to sell. I'm looking for $10 to $30 depending on the size and number of stalks. Most are about 5" tall with 3-5 stalks. These are very fast pulsing, healthy Xenias on reef plugs or rock.

Here's a picture of the Xenia.

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No interest? How about $25 for the big ones?

Local pick-up in South Lyon... I do work in Dearborn and would be willing to meet for a delivery.

im interested, Im in Ann Arbor. I have no idea where South Lyon is :)
South Lyon is just NE of AA.


My house is 13 miles from UofM Hospital on Fuller.

I have 2 @ $25, 5 @$15 and 4 @ $10 left.

I would like one. Let me know what is left.


I still have 2 @ $25, 5 @$15 and 4 @ $10 left.

I live in South Lyon close to Dixburo & 10. I would like to stop by and pick some of this up. Give me a call @ 248-310-8043.
little guy is doing great Calvin, thanks and good luck!
I would like one of the $15

I go to school in dearborn. I could meet up with you.
You have a PM.

I'll call later today...

I still have a few $10 and $15 pieces left.

Calvin I just wanted to thank you for the Xenia. It is doing very well. I enjoyed talking woth you and your wife. Sorry it took so long to get to this but I haven't had an extra minute. Thanks again.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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