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r/o unit oops

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I accidently ran hot water through my r/o unit the other night. The water was as hot as my water could get in my house. I was wondering if any damage would be done to any of the filtration. It is a 75gpd 4 stage unit from bulk reef supply. (micron filter, membrane, carbon, and DI) I have used some of the water made since this has happened, for drinking and for my tank, and I have not seen a difference in quality but I would still like to make sure.
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Do you have a TDS meter? How much hot water did you run through it? You could make some more water, take it to your LFS. They probably would test it for you. If it still is at zero, great. But you may want to test it from time to time to ensure that it hasn't shortened the life span of the membrane.
125 degrees does not sound good, but the GPD rating IE 75 or 125 is based off from the water being 80 degrees or something like that, so having "warm" water go threw it should not hurt it..... still don't know about 125+ degrees though.
A google search says the plastics used to made the membrane will be damaged above 113 degrees. How much damage you did is hard to say. I'd sample the TDS out of the membrane just to see what you're getting now.

best of luck.
Anything over 113 F will void the warranty on a Filmtec membrane. Calculate your rejection rate - that will tell you if you ruined the membrane.
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