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is this a rainbow anemone?
it has yellow green and rose color just hard to see yellow.
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i got it for $70 and was sold as a rbt. but i seen some what thay call rainbows on reef central and it looks like one. just not sure no matter what it has some cool colors. just wanted to post and get some info. as i never seen one like this in pet stores around here. i seen it and just had to have it:3195:
post a picture when it opens up .....as my bta looks totally different when shriveled up.....How old is your tank? What kind of lighting do you have?
it has same color when open my light just drowns out color in pics so i took a night time pic to show its color 400watt over 29gal 1year old setting up a 75 soon i find to much stuff i want and 29 is almost full hear is pic but dont look the same in person much brighter
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so what is it a rbt or some other kind? just geting some opinons i had green bta but never anything this cool thats why i ask.
Looks just like mine, and I have also wondered if it was a rainbow because mine has easily red, green, orange, and purple tips when fully expanded (the pics are fully expanded) but when it is more shriveled it has EVERY color of the rainbow.

So can't answer your question, but id like an answer as well :)
yours is nice too i just see rbt and thay are just red or rose colored. not like mine or yours that is why i ask. we just wait for someone with exp in these.
how long did it take to grow and do you feed?
orange, red, yellow, green is the colors that mine has.
1 - 10 of 21 Posts
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