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RBTA, Candy Cane, zoes ++

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RBTA $50 pending fragster Sold

2 Nice size candy cane colonies $3 a head

Zoathiads Blue with yellow shirt 2 frags over 5 heads $5 One sold

Green star polyps have small frag $5 larger frag at $15

Frog spawn green purple tips 3 head frag $15

orange center Zoa (orange nipple i think ) 2 frags large poylps $5 each

red monti frags $5
Green sold
Orange and green monti didgi frags $5

Can text more pics just pm me a number


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How big is the RBTA, pics pls. Thanks

bigger than a tennis ball when open. Has attached itself to a softball size piece of tuffa rock with green mushrooms on it so most likly that come with the deal.


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