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I have a 8 pound piece of live rock with 5 Bubble tips on it
--Two medium sized RBTAs
--One Medium sized GBTA
--Two small GBTAs
I am asking $150 For the entire piece.

I will also throw in the last of my two corals
--2 polp Purple People Eater Paly
--a recovering 5 headed acan

After Live Stock is sold,
I am selling my 29g Biocube HQI setup for $250
Picture of tank when new
--The tank itself has minimal scratches, none noticeable
-- Lighting is a 150W clamp on Halide with ballast in stand
- Lightbulb is 6 months 20K bulb
- Also have older bulb used for 8 months Coral life 20K
-- I built in Waterproof LEDs Blue and UV along with a clamp on Rio MiniSun
--Stand has rust on interior hinges
-- Heater is 200 watts
-- Powerhead Glued to back wall for additional circulation
-- refugium in middle chamber with 13Watt clamp on light
--Pump is a Maxijet 1200

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With bubbles and Actinic
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