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We have upgraded all our reactors. So we will share the savings on to you all here at michiganreefers.com

Here is the information.

Marine Life Aquatics calcium reactors are available in several sizes to accomodate even the most demanding tank. The are constructed of heavy-duty clear PVC, ABS and acrylic for long-lasting performance.

* Easy to setup
* Includes silent Eheim pump and 2 Year warranty
* Clear bubble counter and quality fittings.

* Dimensions: 10x12" x 23" tall
* Includes Eheim 315gph Water Pump,
* Handles 500 gallon aquarium

You will get the Reactor, Bubble Counter, 10 Lb Tank (empty for shipping), and the media, it is only 2 months old, no need to spend cash for a few more months. All you need is the Regulator/Solenoid.

We paid a bit more the $550 for this setup. We will sell it for the low price of $350 and ship it for free.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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