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Real laugher at Jan's Tropical

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Oh man,
I must admit that I keep freshies now that my back is trashed and I do my water changes with a python. Well here goes. I come home and my giant gourami is floating near the top of the tank. I'm wondering. . .what the hell the Aquatic garbage dump is lethargic! Turns out that my sweet Jalli Titanium 800w cook your dinner heater has crapped out in about 4 months. Oh, the power module said everything was fine but the element was stone cold. And. .it's never hit air. So I go into oh poo mode. 730 at night. Got a half hour to save the poor chap. Leroy says come on up. Got a 300 Visitherm for 35.99. I look in the Dr Foster/Smith and Petsolutions catalog and whoa. 18.99 for the exact same thing. So I shoot up there and he's givin the spiel on how he cannot be undersold. So I whip out the catalog and he says oh Sh*& man, you can't pull that crap here. Leroy's box is marked 45.99 and then has the hero sticker for 35.99. He says oh I gotta make a profit. All while he's talkin about using a copper banded butterfly to start a new salt setup. Oh well. Just my 2 cents. I know we have to keep the local's in business, but c'mon.
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Your correct about the overhead they incur Tony, but come on. If they say they can't get something as cheap as we can online then they are fools and ignorant business owners who do not do their homework and shop around or they are just plain lieing. We all know the price they charge will be more than online due to all the things you state but come on they don't pay more than online prices at least not much. Heck some of these online stores are probably the same wholesaler the LFS get their stuff from just under another name to protect their identity from the LFS.
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