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Real laugher at Jan's Tropical

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Oh man,
I must admit that I keep freshies now that my back is trashed and I do my water changes with a python. Well here goes. I come home and my giant gourami is floating near the top of the tank. I'm wondering. . .what the hell the Aquatic garbage dump is lethargic! Turns out that my sweet Jalli Titanium 800w cook your dinner heater has crapped out in about 4 months. Oh, the power module said everything was fine but the element was stone cold. And. .it's never hit air. So I go into oh poo mode. 730 at night. Got a half hour to save the poor chap. Leroy says come on up. Got a 300 Visitherm for 35.99. I look in the Dr Foster/Smith and Petsolutions catalog and whoa. 18.99 for the exact same thing. So I shoot up there and he's givin the spiel on how he cannot be undersold. So I whip out the catalog and he says oh Sh*& man, you can't pull that crap here. Leroy's box is marked 45.99 and then has the hero sticker for 35.99. He says oh I gotta make a profit. All while he's talkin about using a copper banded butterfly to start a new salt setup. Oh well. Just my 2 cents. I know we have to keep the local's in business, but c'mon.
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I have always heard that LFS can't buy drygoods from their wholesalers for what people pay on-line. My question is why don't LFS just buy from the on-line stores? I understand that they are still not going to be able to beat the on-line stores but at least they will be able to offer the product at a better price.
O.K., it is like a blackball thing. I understand that.
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